Ageless Wisdom Workshops

Ageless Wisdom is an evidenced-based geriatric sensitivity training program that was developed by the Aging Institute of UPMC Senior Services and the University of Pittsburgh to provide participants with experiential training in normal and abnormal aging. It can only be taught by certified trainers.

The sensitivity training program uses simulations to familiarize participants with normal and abnormal changes associated with the aging process. Special props are used to help participants experience the loss of fine motor skills, hearing and vision impairments, arthritic changes, shortness of breath, and decline in mobility and language skills that can accompany aging. Through educational videos and activities such as counting money with rubber gloves to parallel loss of quick hand movement, separating multi-colored pills with optically-impaired glasses and walking with corn kernels in each shoe to mimic arthritis, participants become more sensitive to some of the health issues associated with aging.

This 2-hour interactive workshop helps attendees become more aware of the changes that occur as a person ages and how to better understand how to successfully provide services to elders.

Who should attend? All who provide elder care and related services who want to be prepared to better serve those elders as their numbers increase. A "must attend" for healthcare providers but is an excellent tool for ANYONE...lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, receptionists, store clerks, customer service representatives, emergency management personnel, clergy, etc.

For more information and to register email

Good News Consulting Inc,
140 Roosevelt Ave Suite 210
York, PA 17401


8:30- 9:00 Registration

9:00 Introductions
Sensory Changes
Cognitive and Psychological Changes
Functional Changes and Experiential Exercises
Social Changes

11:15: Summary, Evaluation & Wrap-up

$85 (includes lite breakfast & certificate of attendance)