Frequently Asked Questions

Question:Why do care givers (professional and family) need specialized training to provide care for those who have dementia?

Answer: Dementia Care - care provided to those who have some form of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease or Vascular dementia - has become over the past several years a specialty area in the elder care field.

It is now known that the brain disease that the person has is responsible for the symptoms that they display such as impairment in memory, intellectual abilities, and functional abilities. Because these symptoms lead to the inability to communicate and understand what is going on in their environment the person with dementia may display behavioral symptoms. Through specialized dementia care training professionals and family members can learn more about the disease process and the special techniques that can be utilized to help the person with dementia live their life to the fullest and the care giver to be about to provide better care. It is for this very reason that GOOD NEWS CONSULTING, Inc. has as its mission to train people in current dementia care practice.

Question:I heard there were different kinds of dementia and that not everybody has Alzheimer's disease.

Answer: That is very true. According to the Alzheimer's Association there are over 80 different types of dementia. However, the most common form is Alzheimer's disease with Vascular (Multi-Infarct) dementia as a second.

Question: There are some nursing homes that are starting to change their way of operating. What is that all about?

Answer: About 15 years ago a "movement" of sorts began because of the need change the institutional nursing home that operate on what is called a medical model, to a place where person-centered care is given in a place called "home". An organization has emerged called the Pioneer Network and the term "Culture Change" has been given to the transformation process.

All facets of elder care is now "buzzing" with the term Culture Change even the regulators are utilizing culture change verbiage. Person-centered or some call it resident-directed care is care that is focused on the person receiving the care RATHER than the person providing the care.

GOOD NEWS CONSULTING, Inc. offers what we call a "CULTURE OF C.A.R.E" to help facilities transform their care systems and environment into a person-centered place called "home". We have been advocating for changing from the institutional model to the home model since 1998.

Culture change isn't just putting up pictures on the wall or new paint or putting in an aquarium, it is a "journey" that begins with a commitment of leadership to focus on the people being served. It takes what they call deep systems change and as we all know permanent change takes time and persistence.

Question: My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease over 8 years ago and I have been able to help him up until now. It is very hard to help him and I feel I must look for a nursing home. How do I know if it is going to be a good nursing home?

Answer: Your husband is a blessed man to have you take care of him for such a long time. I would suggest that you do some investigating... talk to your friends who have their loved one living in a nursing home... where do they say is a "good" place. Typically you'll find out about the worse places first but keep looking. If you have internet access, go on line and look in your state for nursing homes in your area at and you will be able to view the care indicators of the facilities.