Solutions for Elder Care Management

GOOD NEWS CONSULTING, Inc. offers services in four main areas :

  • Consultation Services
  • Training
  • Care Coordination Services
  • CPC-CARE Partner Connections ™ Program
  • Below you can find in-depth information on each product.

    Consultation Services

    GOOD NEWS CONSULTING, Inc. works with management teams in CCRC's, personal care / asssited living residences, skilled nursing homes and adult day service centers to revitalize their present dementia care programs by facilitating transformation into a person-centered dementia care model.

    This is accomplished utilizing the GOOD NEWS CONSULTING, Inc. CULTURE OF C.A.R.E. ™ MODEL that provides components of excellence to ensure the pyschosocial well-being of those who have dementia. The CULTURE OF C.A.R.E. ™ MODEL was developed to answer the challenge that has been brought by regulators and the culture change movement to provide excellence in dementia care.

    With a person-centered focus, the CULTURE OF C.A.R.E. ™ MODEL provides the framework for enhancing and maintaining the pyschosocial well-being of all elders with dementia regardless where they live. Being cared for by C.A.R.E. partners who are dedicated to sustaining positive relationships, people with dementia will have the opportunity to participate in their lives to the best or their ability. Evidence based principles for dementia care are used as foundational keystones in the development of GOOD NEWS CONSULTING's CULTURE OF C.A.R.E. ™ MODEL.

    Training Services

    Training services are provided on-siteThe focus of our training modules is to provide skills training in a practical, dynamic manner that enables the participants to better understand how to communicate, manage behavioral challenges, successfully help in activities of daily living and maximize the pyschosocial well-being of those with dementia and their families.

    In-services are provided on-site in long-term care facilities, hospitals, and health care agencies that have the need for specialized dementia care training for staff that provide care to this population of people. In order to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers we also offer our dynamic training modules on-line. Whether on-site or over the web, staff attending these sessions participate in skills training in best practice techniques, and receive current information on dementia care through selected modules.

    We are listed through the PA Department of Health on their Contact List for Directed In-Service Providers.

    Care Coordination Services

    GOOD NEWS CONSULTING, Inc. works with families, community agencies, attorneys, physicians, and long-term care facilities, to coordinate care services to elders who need help navigating through the maze of healthcare issues.

    Care Management Services are provided by the GOOD NEWS CONSULTING, Inc. team of care managers who can help:

    • when there is a need for additional care
    • by assessing the needs of our clients and their families
    • by investigating and prodviding the information needed to make informed decisions about elder care issues
    • develop a plan for care services
    • implement the plan by facilitating the services of providers

    CPC-CARE Partner Connections ™ Program

    GOOD NEWS CONSULTING strives to equip family caregivers with care techniques that will help them keep their loved ones with dementia at home for as long as possible. We accomplish this by providing "best care practices" that are successfully used by dementia care professionals. GOOD NEWS CONSULTING dedicates itself to helping family members gain experience in care techniques through "hands on" workshops that are conducted by specialists in dementia care.